Round Up

This page has a monthly selection of popular dances from different rhythms submitted by cuers and the dancing community.

December 2013

Choreo: Sue Powell & Loren Brosie

Music: “Rock and Roll Waltz’ Artist – Scooter Lee Available from Wal-mart

Rhythm: Waltz

Phase III +1 (Diamond Turn)

An unusual waltz with some styling characteristic of Jive figures.  This dance was featured as a workshop dance at the recent 60th celebration, using the Kay Starr version of the music which is 60 years old.


Released: July 2013

Choreo: Gert Jan & Susie Rotscheid

Music: No Particular Place To Go, by Chuck Berry, download from Amazon

Rhythm: Jive

Phase: III +1 American Spin +1 unphased Glide to the Side

This Jive gives plenty of chance to practice standard figures to a classic track, but also offers an alternative styling option (American Spin – both spin) and a chance to try the unphased figure Glide to the Side.


Choreo: Bob & Jackie Scott

Music: "Smooth" by Santana

Rhythm: Cha

Phase: V+1 (Rolling Off the Arms)

This Cha was featured at the Round Dance Council workshop and dance in September.  It includes the currently popular figure “Chase with UnderArm Pass” and “Rolling off the Arms” – a figure more commonly associated with Jive than Cha


Released: December 2013

Choreo: Annette & Frank Woodruff

Music: Jingle Bells by Boney M. MP3 download from Amazon or others.

Rhythm: Two Step

Phase:  III

A seasonal Two Step which includes Fishtail and Strolling Vine.