Judi Read - Vice Chair

I began Square Dancing with Wandering Stars on my return from 
University, and met Rounds initially as Intro sessions with Alan & Joyce 
Sherriffs at the Funstitute holidays. 
I was encouraged to try cueing at the Outlaws and Sweeping Broomes 
SD clubs, and interest from local dancers led to the formation of 
Scarlet Ribbons RDC in 1991. 
Meanwhile the Cuers section of SDCCGB had been formed, giving me 
access to the help and information I needed to improve my dancing, 
cueing and teaching. 
1995 was an eventful year in which I attended the Goss seminar in Germany, with a number of other Cuers; undertook Accreditation as a Cuer and Teacher and received the Harry Preston award. 
Since then I have worked to increase the depth and breadth of my own skills, while trying to give back to the activity by mentoring and helping to train less experienced Cuers, within Cuers section and more recently the Round Dance Council. I enjoy choreography, cueing & teaching at events of any size and the stimulation of attending training events and European dance events, when possible.