Jill Woodall – Secretary

Jill started square and round dancing in South London in 1976 at a local authority evening class run by Bruno and Betty Freddi, who then invited the class to join their club, Circle 8. Once Jill discovered there was a whole world of dancing out there, she wasn’t content with just dancing once a week, so started to attend other clubs too, including Southern Star in 
Surrey. It was there, around 1980, that it was decided together with club caller Keith Lovegrove, that Jill should try cueing some easy rounds between the square dance tips. As was fairly common in those days, she mostly cued Phase II twosteps and waltzes on clubnights, and after a while was asked also to run a separate evening to teach basic rounds for beginners. 
About 1995, Jill decided she no longer had the necessary time to dedicate to cueing and teaching basic rounds, so gave up cueing on a regular basis. However, Jill still enjoys dancing both squares and rounds, although round dancing has always been her favourite. In 1996 Jill moved from London to Nottingham where, in addition to the many square dance clubs available in the area, she was delighted to be able to round dance twice a week to the 
cueing of both Jean Preston and Alan Sherriffs. At that time Jill felt she didn’t need to cue, although she realises the time may come when she may be required to start cueing again!