Council Officers

Judi Read - Chair

I began Square Dancing with Wandering Stars on my return from University,
and met Rounds initially as Intro sessions with Alan & Joyce Sherriffs at the
Funstitute holidays. 

I was encouraged to try cueing at the Outlaws and Sweeping Broomes SD clubs, and interest from local dancers led to the formation of Scarlet Ribbons RDC in 1991.

Meanwhile the Cuers section of SDCCGB had been formed, giving me access to the help and information I needed to improve my dancing, cueing and teaching.

1995 was an eventful year in which I attended the Goss seminar in Germany, with a number of other Cuers; undertook Accreditation as a Cuer and Teacher and received the Harry Preston award. 

Since then I have worked to increase the depth and breadth of my own skills, while trying to give
back to the activity by mentoring and helping to train less experienced Cuers, within Cuers section
and more recently the Round Dance Council. I enjoy choreography, cueing & teaching at events of
any size and the stimulation of attending training events and European dance events, when possible.

Matt Baldry - Vice Chair & Cuers Rep for the SDCCGB

Both m
yself and my wife Sue, started Rounds after a trip to Australia in 2006, Sue could already Square Dance and I learnt later that year along with Rounds. With the help of my parents and Teresa Hart, as my mentor, we started Whirl & Twirl Round Dance Club (RDC). 

learnt to cue/teach with additional help from The GSI Cuer Schools and SDCCGB Cuer Schools, featuring Martin Prufer as the coach.
Whirl & Twirl RDC now meets in 2 different locations some 30 miles apart, with Sue & I now as the main Cuer/Teachers at both locations.
I also cue at Saturday night Dances/weekends and in 2012 cued at the Spring Jamboree in Munich after gaining my ECTA Cuer’s Accreditation.

Jill Woodall – Secretary

Jill started square and round dancing in South London in 1976 at a local authority evening class run by Bruno and Betty Freddi, who then invited the class to join their club, Circle 8. Once Jill discovered there was a whole world of dancing out there, she wasn’t content with just dancing once a week, so started to attend other clubs too, including Southern Star in Surrey. It was there, around 1980, that it was decided together with club caller Keith Lovegrove, that Jill should try cueing some easy rounds between the square dance tips. As was fairly common in those days, she mostly cued Phase II twosteps and waltzes on clubnights, and after a while was asked also to run a separate evening to teach basic rounds for beginners.
About 1995, Jill decided she no longer had the necessary time to dedicate to cueing and teaching basic rounds, so gave up cueing on a regular basis. However, Jill still enjoys dancing both squares and rounds, although round dancing has always been her favourite. In 1996 Jill moved from London to Nottingham where, in addition to the many square dance clubs available in the area, she was delighted to be able to round dance twice a week to the cueing of both Jean Preston and Alan Sherriffs. At that time Jill felt she didn’t need to cue, although she realises the time may come when she may be required to start cueing again!

Paul Hart – Treasurer

In the early 1980's Paul learned to Round Dance under the teaching of Jan Farnell.

As Teresa's dancing partner over the years he has helped her develop an impressive training partnership. 

Today he continues to help during the Hart Workshops and has now become a proficient cuer within his own right.

Paul and Teresa continue to dance as often as possible while balancing there private and spare time.

Shirley Cox – Librarian
My Partner, Steve Sturgiss, and I, started Round Dancing with Scarlet Ribbons, Judi Wakeley's Club and graduated in 1997 in Two-Step and Waltz. Later in 1997 Steve was also able to extend his round dance education at GemStones with Sandra Higson while I started square dancing at ControundEights with Eric Webb. We both graduated Square Dancing in 1999.
In 2000 we had the opportunity to attend the Practice Phase Sessions with David and Valerie Marshall. It was here we really started to move into the more Ballroom Styling of Phase 4 Waltz and Foxtrot. We also spent time learning Paso-Doble and West Coast Swing, as well as improving our Rumba, Cha, Jive, Samba, Single Swing, Quick Step, and Slow two step.
With the encouragement of David and Valerie we started attending Phase 4/5 classes overseas.  
Our first adventure was to go to Sweden with Richard Lamberty in 2004. We were then hooked and have been to the Round and Square Dance week at Cham since 2005, and also the Eringerfeld Round Dance clinics with Michael and Regina Schmidt and Manuela and Karlheinz Suss. We also regularly attend the Round Dance Week events at Bodabaden on Oland, Sweden with Susie and Gert-Jan Rotscheid.
In 2008 we attended the Canadian Square and Round Dance Convention and there we 
started to gain a few phase 6 figures, which is a whole new challenge for us. Although we are trying to attend more events to improve our technique and figures for Round Dancing, we still enjoy dancing at all levels. We hope we can encourage other dancers in the UK that the higher levels 
are possible, and can be lots of fun as well.

David & Valerie Marshall - Training Lead
David and Valerie had both tried a variety of dance types before 1992, when they went to a Saturday night Square Dance which had Rounds between tips. They took one look at the Round Dancing, and said “That’s for us!”. They looked around to find people from whom they could learn as much Round Dancing as possible, and owe a lot of thanks to several teachers, especially Bill and Helen Viner, Susie and Gert-Jan Rotscheid, Michael and Regina Schmidt and their current teacher Richard Lamberty.

After travelling overseas to a number of lessons, they noticed that a lot of material taught there was not being danced in the UK, so decided in 1998 to try teaching some of it to a few friends. After a couple of experiments, they started a regular “Practice Phase” and since then have taught dances from phase I to phase VI, in 15 different rhythms.  They prefer teaching figure clinics rather than dance workshops, as this is a better way to acquire dancing skills.  Currently they teach mostly at Phase III, beginner level, introducing Round Dancing to Scotland.
David and Valerie have been to 2 schools for RD teachers, one run by ECTA and one by Roundalab and they have both learned to cue, in order to make their teaching more flexible.  Nowadays, most of the time and money they spend on Rounds goes on improving their understanding of dance which, in turn, improves their ability to teach.
They have been active members of Roundalab for many years, serving on the “Round of the Quarter” phase IV and phase V committees, and the Teaching Progression committee for phase III to IV. They currently chair the Cue Sheet Writing and Cueing committee..