The Round Dance Council (RDC)

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We are the Round Dance Council, often abbreviated as RDC.

We are a branch of the Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain (SDCCGB) and are dedicated to the promotion of Round Dance cueing, teaching and dancing.

We invite you to attend and take part in our regular Council Meetings and Cuer Training Sessions. We offer friendship and support allowing you to grow and develop your skills.

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Aims & Objectives

The aims & objectives are based on the principle of looking to the future while maintaining the principles that have been the building blocks of Round Dancing in the UK. 

The Round Dance Council - Seeks to promote Round Dancing in the UK via educating, training, encouraging and informing. (Organising Workshops for Cuers & Dancers).

It aims to facilitate cuer/teacher support and education and to assist in the growth of cuer/ teacher training and leadership skills, providing a formal teaching structure, within a friendly and supportive environment to encourage learning.                                                                    

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