Criteria for nomination:
  1. The nominee has provided ten or more years of service to Round dancing.
  2. The nominee has shown significant imapact within the dancing community.
  3. The nominee has encouraged others to continue their learning in the Square and Round Dance community.
  4. The nominator to provide evidence of dancing / teaching achievements.

Nomination Procedure:
  1. An individual, couple or group may be nominated by anyone.
  2. A separate nomination form should be submitted for each nomination.
  3. Nominations should be received by 30th November to: RDC - Hall of Fame Officer
  4. Officers of the RDC will review the nominations and present the individual/couple/group nominated to be voted on for the current year.
  5. Voting will take place at the RDC AGM by full members of SDCCGB.
  6. Award presentation will coincide with the SDCCGB AGM.
  7. There will be only one person/couple/group awarded in any given year with the exception of the first year.
  8. If there is no nominee put forward in a given year, the RDC officers may nominate a candidate.

Please select the following to print off your 'Hall Of Fame Nomination Form'