Dancers Perspective

posted 12 Jul 2020, 20:44 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 29 Jul 2020, 02:20 ]
In recent weeks, the round dance council, has been exploring just how rounds could start up, following the covid-19 pandemic. Part of this process involved zoom meetings, the most recent of which included a number of invited dancers. The discussions aim was to get a dancer perspective on just how we might reopen and what might be required.

The contribution by the dancers proved to be most informative, and will help in the preparations going forward. It was agreed that the earliest any club would re-open would be September and that this would in all likelihood be pushed back even further. It was also clear that dancers fell into one of two groups, those that wanted to return as soon as possible and those that would wait until almost all restrictions have been removed.

These findings are inline with the discussions between the BAASDC and Callers Club, who are undertaking a joint initiative to produce a set of guidelines for the re-opening.