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3rd November 2019 Agenda

posted 30 Oct 2019, 01:39 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 30 Oct 2019, 01:39 ]

This Sunday in Barrow the Round Dance Council are holding their next open meeting.  You are welcome to attend as a dancer, to see what they do to encourage Round Dancing in the UK.  You will also have the opportunity to dance and join in the conversation.

AGM & Dance

posted 11 Jan 2018, 02:13 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 11 Jan 2018, 02:13 ]

If you want to encourage Round Dancing in the UK why not come along and support the Round Dance Council at their AGM and dance.  The group is made up of dancers and cuers who want to promote rounds by collaborating, sharing knowledge and bringing together the resources needed to expand the activity.

At the dance you will have the opportunity to dance to some of the very best cuers in the land as well as some promising new stars who are able to benefit from the shared experience of their mentors. 

Featured Figure

posted 25 Feb 2017, 16:44 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 25 Feb 2017, 17:09 ]

This is the Emphasis Figure for Spring 2017.  Cuers who are members of Callers Club (SDCCGB) will have access to the full definition in the Members Only section of the website.  If you would like to look at the figure in more detail please ask your Cuer to take a look.

Rumba Hockey Stick

Notice Board Published

posted 4 Dec 2016, 14:03 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 5 Dec 2016, 02:28 ]

In order to promote the work of the Round Dance Council to the round dance community in the UK we have launched a single page quarterly notice board poster.  It will be sent out to cuers and round dance clubs in the hope that it will be displayed and passed onto the dancing community.

Cuers who are members of the SDCCGB can have their details added, please check the contact details on the sheet. 

If you would like to print a copy you can access a pdf version by clicking on the image to the left.

Halloween Open Meeting

posted 7 Oct 2016, 10:10 by RDC Admin   [ updated 7 Oct 2016, 10:12 ]

The RDC have their Next Open Meeting on Sunday the 30th October 2016 in Barrow Suffolk. All Round Dancers are very welcome to attend and take part. The session starts at 10am and includes a meeting and cueing session at which all dancers are most welcome

Click on the image to the left to view the Agenda for the Open Meeting.

Whirl & Twirl have their Halloween Workshop and Dance on Saturday at 3 pm the day before the meeting at the same venue.  This is an excellent opportunity to make a weekend of it. Details of both can be found on the Calendar.

Third New Rounds Club of the Year

posted 6 Oct 2016, 02:23 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 6 Oct 2016, 02:37 ]

A new rounds club Matt's Twirlin' 2 Steppers has just announced it will be starting up on the 4th November. The venue is the village hall in Todwick near Sheffield on a Friday night.

Red Kite Round Dance Club

posted 19 Sep 2016, 16:00 by RDC Admin   [ updated 19 Sep 2016, 16:01 ]

Congratulations and welcome to our newest round dance club. Red Kite RDC dances on Monday nights at 8pm in the Scout Hut on Wallingford Road in Cholsey, Oxon. The club cuer / instructor is Nick Wright. We would like to wish them all the best.  

European Convention

posted 12 Aug 2016, 09:36 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 13 Aug 2016, 03:37 ]

The 2016 convention at Stratford-Upon-Avon had a wonderful line-up of European Cuers, which including two from the UK, Judi and Sandra both members of the RDC. The three day event had a lot of round dancing in a designated hall and also included a session of rounds and squares following the Grand March on the Saturday evening.

If you would like to take a look at the dance programme please click on this link.


posted 27 Mar 2016, 08:38 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 27 Mar 2016, 09:14 ]

We are pleased to report that this April the very talented Amy Richardson and members of Dial-A-Round are launching a new Rounds Club on a Sunday evening between 6pm and 8:30pm at Ruddington Village Hall near Nottingham.  This transition has been very low key but in reality it usurers in a very new and exciting era of Round Dancing in the UK.  The Round Dance Council and the SDCCGB would like to congratulate Amy on her endeavour and wish her every success.

The contribution by Harry & Jean Preston to Squares and Rounds in the Nottingham area has been immeasurable and this new club is a fitting tribute under the inspiring leadership of Amy Richardson.

2016 AGM Agenda

posted 21 Jan 2016, 06:52 by Stephen Pearson   [ updated 21 Jan 2016, 06:55 ]

This years agenda
 is now available. The day includes elements for all the round dancing community.

The day also includes dancing so please come along and support the efforts of the Round Dance Council.

To view the poster click here

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