This page is a Tribute to the members of the Round Dance community who have in the past served on the RDC Committee giving their time and effort to combine all the round dance resources available, in order to strengthen and further Round Dancing in the UK. 

Please feel free to advise us of any admissions and include a brief history and portrait image if available. You can contact us by post or email.

Teresa Hart
– Has given many years to the round dancing community in the UK, most recently as the Cuers Rep to the SDCCGB.  Her example and teaching expertise have been invaluable and despite standing down in early 2015 it is hoped that her involvement with rounds will continue for many years to come.

I started dancing quite by accident at the tender age of 5 when I was dragged into a demo’ square to make up numbers during “Expo Steam” in Peterborough. I subsequently learned to do it properly at Shirts and Skirts in Ipswich, dancing with my parents. When an American couple (Jim & Ruth Price) were stationed at Bentwaters I took the opportunity to learn to Round Dance with my parents and my younger sister and we graduated as a family in 1979.

In 1984 I was approached by Buttons & Bows SDC and asked to teach their club to Round Dance. Using hastily sourced second-hand equipment and with a limited repertoire Red Rose RDC was formed and we began teaching to a class in excess of 20 couples in Kentford near Newmarket. To help me with my cueing I joined the Callers Club of Great Britain. I assisted with the introduction of a “Cuer’s Section” and became the first Cuer’s Representative. I also established the British Cuer and Teacher Accreditation scheme with help from Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid (Cuer’s Rep for ECTA).

Over the years I have had the honour of cueing at Festivals, Conventions, Jamborees and dance “Specials” throughout the U.K. and Europe, in particular at European Conventions in the U.K. and Germany. 

Nick Wright
- Served as the Librarian for a number of years, withdrawing in 2013 and was responsible for the cataloging and setting up of the Library Database. His tireless efforts behind the scenes to tackle this time consuming thankless task are very much appreciated and will be a great resource for many years to come.

Carol and I Learnt to Round Dance back in 2001 with Judi Wakeley. After graduating we joined 'Around 2000' and continued our training under Sandra Higson. after about a year the club was donated some cueing equipment and records. I, along with Linda Swinbank, agreed to have a go at cueing and now regularly cue for 'Around 2000' on a Thursday once a month. I have also cued at a number of Saturday night dances and a few weekend camp-outs.

Shirley Cox - Served as the Chairperson during 2010. Shirley along with Steve, continue to be a wonderful example of striving to better oneself while continuing to support and provide guidance to dancers at all levels. Shirley has recently agreed to take on some of the responsibilities of the Librarian. Her help is gratefully excepted.

Alex Stillwell - Served as the RDC's first Chair in 2009/10 supported by her husband Roy. Alex took up the mantel when Walt Burr indicated that he wanted a group to form, made up of cuer members from the SDCCGB. Alex helped set up the group which became the Round Dance Council and started its cuer training program.

Alex was the natural choice to represent the UK cuers as chair with her lengthy cueing and dancing career both in the UK and Europe in both Rounds and American Square Dancing.

After many years of service to Round Dancing Alex a world famous Lace Maker and Author decided to retire so that she could concentrate on her lace making. Despite this they both still occasionally dance but her Cueing is greatly missed in the UK.