Dancer Membership
To qualify for Dancer Membership you must be a Round Dancer, dancing regularly in the UK, who is not a practising Cuer or Caller. The cost is £10 per person and is payable annually at the RDC AGM or quarterly Pro-Rata. Dancer Members will hold NO voting rights at any SDCCGB Meetings.

Individual paid membership will include the following:

• Free Access to all RDC Workshops, Dances and Meetings. (Cuer Schools are not included)  

• Access to a seat on the RDC Committee, if elected to such committee.

• An opportunity to help shape Round Dancing in the UK, ensuring its growth and continuance.

More details can be found on this page or by contacting the RDC Treasurer.

Full Membership (SDCCGB)

The Square Dance Callers Club of Great Britain aims to assist in the instruction and promotion of the Square & Round Dance activity in Great Britain. It provides membership for Callers and Cuers to allow access to reduced negotiated pricing for PPL licences and liability insurance, and an extensive library of related media and experience. The cost starts from £34 per annum.

The RDC is affiliated to the SDCCGB and individual paid membership will include the following:

• Insurance

• Access to the library of

    o Roundalab (RAL) manual

    o RAL catalogue of figures on DVD

    o Bootcamp DVDs on all rhythms by the Worlocks

    o Records

    o Various books, manuals and dance magazines donated in the past

• Reduced ‘subscriber’ rates for RAL membership

• Record ‘sale’ box

• Subsidised rates for PPL

• Support/training/mentoring at regular meetings in different areas

• Access to free PAT testing at the RDC AGM

• Access to the Members Only section of this website, (this will require a Google+ account, members    will not be under any requirement to use Google services and the RDC in no way endorses Google.)

For more information contact Judi